Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy


SMART Brain Training for Personal, Professional and Educational use

Mindfulness Based Interventions

Research has shown that “Mindfulness-based interventions” can be an important adjunct to traditional clinical interventions in clinical and educational contexts. Mindfulness is a mind-body based training system that can help you change the way they think and feel about your experiences – especially stressful experiences

Using the RaiseYourIQ mindfulness mediations will greatly supplement the FAST (cognitive defusion) training for cognitive and emotional flexibility.

Acceptance-based mindfulness is a flavor of mindfulness emerging from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which has produced many powerful therapeutic interventions, including an American Psychological Association recognised treatment for coping with chronic pain.

RaiseYourIQ offer a range of mindfulness meditations to suit a range of needs. They can be used repeatedly, several times per week or as advised by a therapist.

Just get into a quiet space, a comfortable position, and relax….


The science SMART brain training including our “Fast” and “Mindfulness” training can work with your head space to improve mindfulness and overall brain health. Brain training develops a stronger, fitter brain that is better able to cope with exams, business, stress and life challenges. Brain training works by improving the brains function regarding problem-solving, learning capacity, promoting positive thinking and improving mood. A fitter brain has less stress and is in more control of decision making. Teachers can use brain training as mindfulness exercises to help kids, including those with ADHD, anxiety and autism, regulate behavior and focus on learning. SMART brain training can help adults, businesspeople and children deal with the everyday difficulties of today's lifestyles.

RaiseYourIQ offers both personal and professional packages. Some of our therapeutic tools are only available to clinicians. Ask your therapist about RaiseYourIQ Tools. For our SMART brain training and FAST training programs we suggest that three to six four months is the optimal brain training period to improve IQ, even though some of our users complete the programme in quicker time frames.

Regardless of how you access RaiseYourIQ it is important that you give yourself the time to apply your newly learned skills whether that is in a school or work environment, the time to consolidate what you have learned on the SMART Brain Training course. Even where a capable and determined user can finish the programme in 8 weeks, it is advisable that they use our revision modules and speed training modules to extend their training for as long as possible to ensure long lasting results. Some children or individuals with time constraints, learning difficulties or behavioural problems may require 6 or more months to complete the training and purchasing training for a longer period will reduce the pressure to work at an unnatural pace that makes learning aversive.