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Apr 16, 2020

Brain Exercise for Wellness

Brain exercise for wellness and mindfulness is important at any time but especially in times of stress or uncertainty. We have evo


Jan 01, 1970

Brain Training Programs

Do Brain Training Programs work? is a question we get asked at our Psychology seminars and conferences. The first thing we always


Jan 01, 1970

How to Rock Your Fitness Resolution All Year Long

Saddle up, folks: the new year is here and the resolutions are a-blazing. There’s something about the beginning of the year wher


Jan 01, 1970

Online Brain Training - Proof it does really work

RaiseYourIQ continues in our mission to provide proof that brain train does work to increase IQ. We are the ONLY brain training sy


Jan 01, 1970

Brain Training Scientific News

RaiseYourIQ is pleased to share further scientific evidence that Relational Skills Training can increase intellectual (IQ), learni